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Initial Aggression With House Guests. 
06:01pm 02/11/2009
mood: frustrated
I've posted in the past before about my two cairns Junie (Age 3), and Junie (Age 5).



The dogs have different personalities in meeting people and dogs. Sophie loves new dogs and people. Junie, on the other hand, is initially hostile. She didn't used to be this way until we got Sophie, but this is an outline of a usual encounter.

Both dogs see a person. Sophie gets excited, Junie starts barking shrilly. Sophie starts barking, Junie gets crazier. Sophie is all about love and kisses and tail wags, Junie's initial reaction is to bite. Junie definitely feeds off of Sophie's energy, and can actually be more calm without Sophie's influence. Not perfect, but calmer and more restrainable.

Junie has nipped people very hard in the past, to the point of drawing blood. Once she does it, however, she calms down within moments, curls up at the guest's feet, follows them around in a friendly manner, wants to sit in their lap, etc. But she has to go into "attack mode" upon initial meeting. Taking her to the dog park and off the leash isn't much better. She'll charge a dog, and once she gets that first nip or two in, she's over it and fine.

Junie is very sweet and loving towards my girlfriend and I, especially me. I think she gets jealous of other people/dogs interacting with me, and this extends to Sophie's interaction towards me. I think Junie has some insecurity and jealousy issues. We're about to move into a house from an apartment, and I'm hoping the new locale will break her of some of her possessiveness (Junie tends to think she owns the entire apartment complex, despite my reprimands/reminders that she doesn't). She's high energy, and I can't help but wonder if some of the small space may cause a lot of pent up energy.

I don't want her attacking guests, and then turning around and thinking that once she draws blood or breaks skin, it's time to cuddle. The heightened excitability factor around Sophie is something I need to figure out.

How do I introduce both dogs to people without them feeding off each other's energy?
How can I get Junie to understand that guests, family and friends should not be perceived as "threats" to my personal safety, or taking me away from her, or vice versa?
How can I get Junie to get back to her "old" personality? This has been a problem all year? Is this something that needs training? Can a 3 year old dog be "broken" of the habit since it's relatively recent?

Thanks in advance.
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dog training books 
08:38pm 31/03/2009
does anyone know of any really GOOD training books for cairn terriers, my little Bonnibelle is just one years old, and she is a little demon dog. she know just what to do to push my buttons.... but shes my baby, i just cant find any good training books.

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It Was About Two Years Ago.... 
10:18pm 02/02/2009
  (From my regular LJ)

That this set of pointy ears found its way into my home:


She was a shy little thing. We were just about to move to in San Diego when we got her. I had to pick her up from the back of an 18-wheeler that brought her. She was heavily sedated. I had a stomach virus, and was sick as a... well, you know.

Shy Little Cairn

But she got used to us, and me especially:


And then she got feisty:


And mischievous:

I Has A Dirty Tongue!

But she was still pretty sweet:


When we moved to Vegas, she got a sister. And she was thrilled:


But they got used to each other:


Junie can drive me nuts. She's fussy. She's bossy. She shreds Kleenex like nobody's business, and runs circles around my legs when we go on walks, but through all of it, there are moments that I wouldn't miss with my buddy for anything:

My Dog.  The Romantic Sap.

Happy two years, Junie.
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Tweedy turns 14! 
09:55pm 28/01/2009
  My Cairn Tweedy turns 14 tomorrow. I posted a picture of her here. Her hair is short because she had recent dental work done so she doesn't look very Cairn-like right now. :)

Beautiful and original dog portraits… 
11:50am 21/01/2009
  Hi dog lovers;
My name’s Mike and I love drawing animals, especially dogs, cats and horses as well as people, particularly children and family groups.

My portraits are either colourful pastel studies or black and white pencil drawings and I mainly work from photos sent by mail or email.

I have been working for a couple of years using eBay and have many satisfied customers all over the world.

If you think you might be interested in commissioning me to do a portrait of your beloved pet or would just like to find out a few more details such as sizes and prices, or read testimonials from my many satisfied customers, please visit www.easy-portraits.co.uk/.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of examples of my work:

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RIP Ritchie 01/05/2009 
03:32pm 05/01/2009
  A good boy like you will always be missed...and always be loved. You loved me unconditionally...I'll never forget you Ritchie-boy

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11:32pm 04/01/2009
  Ritchie has pancreatitis. As much as I love the dog my parents are starting to feel the weight on their pockets. The doctor said even if we do spend the $10,000 estimate to keep him alive it'll only be for a couple of months. He's in a lot of pain. I don't know you guys. I've had this dog since I was 9. I'm 19 now. Any opinions?  
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My Tweedy-Girl 
05:13pm 03/12/2008

This is Tweedy, my Cairn Princess. She was diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia several years ago and almost didn't make it, but she has been happy and healthy since then (she takes medications every two to three days).

Tweedy is thirteen years old and made it past the age that our female Westie (Nessie) did. We previously thought that our Westie was more robust, but I guess we were wrong.

I was wondering if anyone out there knows how long Cairns live. I know I heard of one (see below), that lived to be about sixteen to seventeen years (and may still be alive!), but, is that the norm for this breed?

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10:14pm 18/11/2008
  Over the weekend I adopted a year 1/2 old Cairn Terrier. She's a wonderful dog and follows my boyfriend and myself around and is really happy. However I noticed tonight that when my boyfriends brother had company over tonight the dog was over protective of us his new owners. She's been standing watch in the hallway watching the friend and barking every do often. How can I correct this behavior now? She's great with the two of us but is almost overly upset when we leave for a short time. Any help would be great.

Here she is:

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My dog 
10:55pm 12/11/2008
mood: calm
This is Duncan. He's 14 and still going strong!!!

Here he is on Halloween!!

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Halloween and Election Night 
05:00pm 10/11/2008
  I forgot that there was somewhere else to show off my Riley pictures!

(I can't figure out the cut...sorry!)

Halloween. I was the flower, he was the bee.

Doesn't he just look so thrilled??

Election night!

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I'd nearly forgotten about this place... 
12:36pm 10/11/2008
mood: Bleh.

Jack on Halloween.

The Boys on Halloween & BeyondCollapse )
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Bella and Thistle playing together in Thistle's back yard. 
09:55am 10/11/2008

I think that Thistle looks like the mask from that movie "Scream." LOL

They both like to romp in the ivy. Thistle looks like she could be a jack-in-the-box since you cannot see her body!
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Hi, fellow cairn terrier lovers! 
08:31pm 09/11/2008
mood: loved
Just wanting to say hello. Attached is a picture of our baby, Bella, who is a year and 9 months old. We adore her. She spends time with my parents while my husband and I work; I only work part-time and my parents have a cairn terrier too, so she is in great company!
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The Terrible Twos? 
01:33am 10/10/2008
mood: curious
I have a 2 1/2 year old Cairn Terrier that I am starting to have a few discipline problems with, and need some advice as to why she's acting this way.

We adopted Junie early last year, and she's been an inseparable buddy of mine. She's a "Daddy's girl", and still undoubtedly is, but we've had a few life changes this year that I thought she would have adjusted to by now, and don't know why she hasn't.

For starters, we moved from San Diego to Las Vegas at the beginning of the year (January). Junie was always sorry to see us go, but usually took a nap on the couch. Ever since we moved, she exhibits "separation anxiety" like crazy, barking as if utterly betrayed when we leave. All of her toys and familiar items are here, and I largely work from home, but she freaks out when I leave, and won't stop barking. She seems happy and adjusted to her home otherwise, and we thought that, ten months later, she would have adjusted. That doesn't seem to be the case.

The second problem is the adoption of her big sister "Sophie" (another cairn). For the first week, they weren't too nuts about each other, but now are "Best Friends Forever" and hang out and do almost everything together. Junie's always been excitable about other dogs when we go on a walk, but all she wanted to do is sniff them and then go on her way, and that was enough for her.

Since Sophie, she still wants to see dogs, but instead of just wanting to sniff them, she gets aggro with every breed, and screeches like we are beating the fool out of her, which is utterly embarrassing (the leash is even slack as she's screeching her head off). We have to keep her from other dogs now because she's so horsey, which makes her screech even louder when she sees one. Even at the dog park, she used to love to run and sniff and chase and socialize with the other dogs, and now she tries to fight other dogs. She tried to fight a pit bull this week, and it took everything to get her to calm down.

Thing is, she likes Sophie, and she's still the same as she ever was with me. She would get worked up a little over nature shows, wanting to chase the animals, but every type of show and video game on TV now incites her to want to attack any moving image on the TV. She's never bitten me, but she's gotten cranky with me when I pull her away.

What's going on with her? Why would her personality change in those aspects? Do I need to get her professionally trained, because it doesn't look like the behavior is going to go away, and in every other situation, she's still the same sweet, "normal" dog I've had all this time.

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Furminator question 
08:41pm 28/06/2008
  I got a Furminator for two other dogs I have (Sheltie and a mix) and wondered if it would be good for thinning out the undercoat on our Cairn. I looked around on the net and saw it on Col. Potter's and also lots of stories of people using them on Cairns. I thought I would give it a try.

Now, Barqs (our Cairn) is almost 9, and she's been thinning quite a bit from what she used to be. I did her shoulders and gasped as I saw that it wasn't so much taking out undercoat as it was stripping her top coat. Now, on her shoulders she looks almost white since you can see right through her top coat.

Has anyone run into this? Did I totally screw up by using the Furminator, or is this just an 'older Cairn' issue? I feel so bad about her looking so thin and I'm almost wondering whether I should just use the Furminator on her back half as well so it looks more balanced? If you have had thinning older Cairns, does it generally grow back the next winter?
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new social network for pet lovers 
07:35pm 16/06/2008
  Hey guys, I thought you all might be really interested in ZooToo.com which is a new social network for animal lovers (just like I said in the subject haha). I actually found my groomer with it using their pet services function. So if you're like me and have a dog AND a cat, this is a place where you can put them (and other kinds of pets/animals) up in your own zoo. there's also pet news, meet-up groups, product reviews by members, and tons of other stuff.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm looking to gain friends on there! OH and i almost forgot to mention that they do good for the animal community by making over shelters and giving a portion of the ad rev gained by people being on the site to shelters. i think that the more you use the site/invite people/make friends, the more $$ goes to the shelter of your choice... hence my motivation to get friends!!!!

Add me!!!!

11:41am 25/05/2008
mood: lazy
The last couple of posts have reminded me... I haven't posted about the newest addition to our family! He's a 3-year-old wheaten Cairn named Miles.

We got him about two weeks ago. My boyfriend found an ad on craigslist by a couple who are moving to Texas and couldn't take their dog with them. My first inclination is to think, "Why would you opt to move somewhere that you can't take your dog with you?" but I'm kind of glad they did. They didn't necessarily abuse him, more like neglect... his fur was really ratty and matted when we picked him up (exhibit A... would that it depicted the grass and poop matted around his belly and butt), and he was very skittish, as they had a 3-year-old boy who they said would always pull his ears and poke at him.

But after a good groom and a couple of weeks of realizing no one was going to try to pull his tail out of its socket in his new home, he's become a sweet, lively, happy boy and, to my delight, my shadow! Our other two dogs think the sun revolves around my boyfriend, so it's nice to have one just a little more head over heels for me. ;)

The most fun is that he isn't fixed (yet), so he's hiking his leg everywhere. Yay. He's mostly figured out he can only do so outside, but he still offends when our backs are turned.

AND if you want to see the cutest thing ever ever ever, check out this shot I took of my two Cairns...

ClickCollapse )
12:38am 25/05/2008
  I'm Becky from PA. I have a six-month-old Cairn named Duncan. He's our little boy! I just wish he'd get the hang of crate training. We started training the middle of March, and he has only gone three days in a row at the most without having an accident on the floor. Here's a picture. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge. See ya! Becky

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hey guys 
10:52am 24/05/2008
  new here
I'm Sarah from houston texas.
i own two cairn terriers, a 14 year old name Ditto and an 8 year old named Biscuit. i've had ditto since i was six, and i got biscuit today! i think theyre the cutest dogs, i love both of them to pieces! just thought i'd say hi, any other cairn owners in the houston area?
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