trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote in cairnterriers,

Furminator question

I got a Furminator for two other dogs I have (Sheltie and a mix) and wondered if it would be good for thinning out the undercoat on our Cairn. I looked around on the net and saw it on Col. Potter's and also lots of stories of people using them on Cairns. I thought I would give it a try.

Now, Barqs (our Cairn) is almost 9, and she's been thinning quite a bit from what she used to be. I did her shoulders and gasped as I saw that it wasn't so much taking out undercoat as it was stripping her top coat. Now, on her shoulders she looks almost white since you can see right through her top coat.

Has anyone run into this? Did I totally screw up by using the Furminator, or is this just an 'older Cairn' issue? I feel so bad about her looking so thin and I'm almost wondering whether I should just use the Furminator on her back half as well so it looks more balanced? If you have had thinning older Cairns, does it generally grow back the next winter?
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