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The last couple of posts have reminded me... I haven't posted about the newest addition to our family! He's a 3-year-old wheaten Cairn named Miles.

We got him about two weeks ago. My boyfriend found an ad on craigslist by a couple who are moving to Texas and couldn't take their dog with them. My first inclination is to think, "Why would you opt to move somewhere that you can't take your dog with you?" but I'm kind of glad they did. They didn't necessarily abuse him, more like neglect... his fur was really ratty and matted when we picked him up (exhibit A... would that it depicted the grass and poop matted around his belly and butt), and he was very skittish, as they had a 3-year-old boy who they said would always pull his ears and poke at him.

But after a good groom and a couple of weeks of realizing no one was going to try to pull his tail out of its socket in his new home, he's become a sweet, lively, happy boy and, to my delight, my shadow! Our other two dogs think the sun revolves around my boyfriend, so it's nice to have one just a little more head over heels for me. ;)

The most fun is that he isn't fixed (yet), so he's hiking his leg everywhere. Yay. He's mostly figured out he can only do so outside, but he still offends when our backs are turned.

AND if you want to see the cutest thing ever ever ever, check out this shot I took of my two Cairns...

This picture is deceptive; they don't get along this well just yet--the gray one, my girl, is still a little cranky at the change of pace, plus she's getting over an ear infection--but they're warming up to each other slowly.
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