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The Terrible Twos?

I have a 2 1/2 year old Cairn Terrier that I am starting to have a few discipline problems with, and need some advice as to why she's acting this way.

We adopted Junie early last year, and she's been an inseparable buddy of mine. She's a "Daddy's girl", and still undoubtedly is, but we've had a few life changes this year that I thought she would have adjusted to by now, and don't know why she hasn't.

For starters, we moved from San Diego to Las Vegas at the beginning of the year (January). Junie was always sorry to see us go, but usually took a nap on the couch. Ever since we moved, she exhibits "separation anxiety" like crazy, barking as if utterly betrayed when we leave. All of her toys and familiar items are here, and I largely work from home, but she freaks out when I leave, and won't stop barking. She seems happy and adjusted to her home otherwise, and we thought that, ten months later, she would have adjusted. That doesn't seem to be the case.

The second problem is the adoption of her big sister "Sophie" (another cairn). For the first week, they weren't too nuts about each other, but now are "Best Friends Forever" and hang out and do almost everything together. Junie's always been excitable about other dogs when we go on a walk, but all she wanted to do is sniff them and then go on her way, and that was enough for her.

Since Sophie, she still wants to see dogs, but instead of just wanting to sniff them, she gets aggro with every breed, and screeches like we are beating the fool out of her, which is utterly embarrassing (the leash is even slack as she's screeching her head off). We have to keep her from other dogs now because she's so horsey, which makes her screech even louder when she sees one. Even at the dog park, she used to love to run and sniff and chase and socialize with the other dogs, and now she tries to fight other dogs. She tried to fight a pit bull this week, and it took everything to get her to calm down.

Thing is, she likes Sophie, and she's still the same as she ever was with me. She would get worked up a little over nature shows, wanting to chase the animals, but every type of show and video game on TV now incites her to want to attack any moving image on the TV. She's never bitten me, but she's gotten cranky with me when I pull her away.

What's going on with her? Why would her personality change in those aspects? Do I need to get her professionally trained, because it doesn't look like the behavior is going to go away, and in every other situation, she's still the same sweet, "normal" dog I've had all this time.

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