Guy Chapman (guycc) wrote in cairnterriers,
Guy Chapman

It Was About Two Years Ago....

(From my regular LJ)

That this set of pointy ears found its way into my home:


She was a shy little thing. We were just about to move to in San Diego when we got her. I had to pick her up from the back of an 18-wheeler that brought her. She was heavily sedated. I had a stomach virus, and was sick as a... well, you know.

Shy Little Cairn

But she got used to us, and me especially:

And then she got feisty:


And mischievous:

I Has A Dirty Tongue!

But she was still pretty sweet:


When we moved to Vegas, she got a sister. And she was thrilled:


But they got used to each other:


Junie can drive me nuts. She's fussy. She's bossy. She shreds Kleenex like nobody's business, and runs circles around my legs when we go on walks, but through all of it, there are moments that I wouldn't miss with my buddy for anything:

My Dog.  The Romantic Sap.

Happy two years, Junie.
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